Nutri Bag 500ml IV


The Nutri Bag 500ml capacity IV is a sterile, medical-grade bag that meets the highest standards of quality and hygiene. With its 500ml capacity.


Please note that due to these being deemed hospital equipment, DHL will not allow us to use their service for this product and will therefore be sent regular post 7 to 14 days tracked and signed for.

Discover the Nutri Bag 500ml IV – the ultimate solution for efficient intravenous hydration and nutrition. This innovative product ensures the safe delivery of vital fluids and nutrients directly to your body.

The Nutri Bag is a sterile, medical-grade bag that meets the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Its 500ml capacity allows for optimal administration of fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, medications, and essential nutrients intravenously.

Designed for convenience, the Nutri Bag 500ml IV features a user-friendly system for effortless connection to IV lines and equipment. Its secure and leak-proof ports guarantee a reliable infusion process. Transparent design facilitates fluid level monitoring, enabling healthcare professionals to administer accurate dosages and make necessary adjustments.

Safety is paramount with the Nutri Bag. Crafted from sterile, non-toxic materials, it undergoes stringent quality control measures to maintain a sterile environment for fluid administration. The bag incorporates a specialized filter to prevent particulate matter from entering the infusion line, reducing the risk of contamination or infection.

Ideal for hospitals, clinics, home healthcare settings, and medical professionals, the Nutri Bag 500ml IV prioritizes accurate and controlled intravenous hydration and nutrition. It empowers healthcare providers to customize treatment plans to meet individual patient needs, whether it’s rehydration therapy, nutritional support, or medication administration.

Embrace the next generation of intravenous fluid and nutrition administration with the Nutri Bag 500ml IV. Experience its quality, safety, and performance, ensuring optimal hydration and nutrition for critical situations.

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