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Can I be administered too many B12 Injections.

Vitamin B12 is generally considered safe with a low risk of overdose. Vitamin B12 is a very safe supplement that can be injected as frequent as once a day, although you may want to take more or less depending on you, your health, your age, and your lifestyle. Always consult a Doctor/healthcare provider first.

Are you a UK Business?

Yes 100% and our business name is B124u.Ltd registered in England and Wales, , We therefore send items from the UK and Thailand depending on the nature of products being bought/sold.

B12 injections how often.

If your administering B12 for wellbeing purposes or have medical records from your GP showing diagnosis requiring a specific regime.
The recommended dosage of vitamin B12 injections for wellbeing purposes is 1000 mcg (1 dose) injected into the muscle once a week for four weeks, followed by a maintenance dose of 1000 mcg every one to three months.
Always consult a Doctor/healthcare provider first.

Whats the best way to contact you.

We are a small company, As a small team, we appreciate your patience and understanding in our response times.  Email number 1 (,  Text message secondly and whats app lastly. As a small business we do get unprecedented messages on occasions, example: “what products do we sell”, no offense but we have not got the time to reply every product that we sell sorry.
The website has everything listed unless you require a product that’s not listed then this is not a problem and we will do our utmost to source that for you ” just get in touch and we will try our best”.

I cannot find the product I ordered previously.

We can edit or duplicate an old order to suit your needs. Just text or send an email, “Steve please duplicate my last order” and that will be done for you,,,.. just email us ( Please Note!! just be aware of price increase’s, especially if you have not ordered for a long time;.. although!! considerations maybe made on occasion for loyalty).

Do I need a prescription to order Vitamins.

For the UK/US the answer is no, other countries may have different laws.

Do you deliver from abroad.

We offer international delivery from Thailand, known for its reliable postal services.

How long is delivery/delivery estimates?.

Currently delivery is between 5 to 14 days excluding holidays and weekends, Please note that all delivery times are estimated and based on our past experiences, post can be unpredictable as things change (Pandemics, holidays, strikes and staffing issues etc).  if your tracking says in transit we have no reason to think otherwise. Always plan ahead.Please also see Public Holidays in Thailand here.

Do you have a faster delivery?.

Yes, we also have DHL Express and they are super reliable. Special deliveries are underwritten by a Registered Doctor at no extra charge. The Doctor will review the items being sent, with client needs based on evidence given via the customer E consult tool/app (Assessment, Prescription etc) for the product and to clarify the authenticity of the product/items purchased, making sure all is in order before being dispatched/shipped.

Will there be customs issues.

We have not encountered customs issues. Our deliveries primarily consist of vitamins and beauty products, which typically do not encounter customs issues. Custom checks do occur on occasion/rarely, although offer some inconvenience with extra delivery time; they are necessary in securing borders and to allow legitimate items through, which intern should give us all peace of mind and confidence with our purchase.

Why is bank transfer your preferred payment method/not a condition just an option.

We offer a variety of payment methods for your convenience. While card payments are widely accepted, bank transfers are a cost-effective alternative that helps us keep our prices competitive. In the UK, bank transfers are free of charge (Bank to Bank), which allows us to pass on the savings directly to you, our valued customer. We appreciate your understanding and your help in maintaining affordable prices for all our products.

Can I order over the telephone.

Sorry we do not have the facilities to take payment of any kind over the telephone. Our website uses 3D Secure 256 bit encryption to ensure your details are kept safe and therefore is the most secure for placing your order.

However if you have ordered before from us, just send us an email or Text message/email saying” same again please” and we can duplicate the previous order and add or remove products as required.

What does Back order mean.

For Items purchased on back order that are temporarily out of stock, this is normally a few days before we can restock the item; these are mainly items that sell out very fast and are continually set to back order to allow time for restocking of those items. Please allow the extra time for back ordered items (usually 2 to 3 days).


For refunds/Replacements please refer to section 12 in the link click here For Returns please click here

I have subscribed to to stock updates and received an email saying the item is now in stock, I returned to the item page and still saying out of stock.

It could be possible that you were not quick enough to purchase the stock, although this rarely happens. The most common reason is your web browser on your PC/Laptop/Cell Phone has not updated to the new page, in order to change or update the page try refreshing a number or times or close the browser and access the page again, you may need to clear the Cache, please refer to your devices documentation for this.

I have received a tracking number, and takes me to a different postal service.

Everyday we deal with 100’s if not more post, we are human and on occasion we make mistakes and sincerely apologize for this.
Please always check your posts status using the tracking number supplied, if the link in your email does not work try searching for you local postal provider (your postal company in your country, e.g.. USPS, Royal Mail etc) and enter the tracking number you received, you can also find a universal tracking company on the internet which searches all or most postal services globally,, we use this company some times ( International Package Tracking) also as we send from Thailand you could use the Thai post tracking website which will give you a more detailed tracking info.

What the cost of the postage.

All customer post is sent Registered Post/Air Mail, with tracking number and will require a signature on delivery.
We charge a one off standard charge for UK postage regardless of weight or quantity (so the more you buy the more you save), International post charges may differ by country or region. Also note we also use DHL Express 5 to 7 days Delivery Guaranteed in stock item option (working days, weekends and holidays delivery may differ). Royal Mail, USPS, Thai Post etc.

My post is later than expected.

Post delivery is estimated at around 5 to 14 days and 99% of post arrives within theses times.  Please consider Christmas & the January straight after as they are the worst time of year regarding deliveries, I’m sure you will appreciate that the postal services around this period are under tremendous strain and deliveries can be severely affected due to the vast amount of post around this time of year. Post sent from Thailand arrives in the UK within 3 days normally, and the processing time by UK border and the Royal mail are what takes the extra time; your tracking will not update from transit until the post is processed by Border/customs.

My post is lost/no delivery after the estimated time.

Very rare that post is lost, 1000’s of post shipped and this has only happened on a few occasions, we consider post to be lost after 60 days +; and this is when we can claim against the postal service for the loss.
at checkout Terms & Conditions are agreed by you to wait until 30 days + has lapsed for us to determine the outcome of your post and deem the post lost after which refunds can be given or a mutual solution can be resolved. (We will always make it up to you if this happens Guaranteed!!)

How do I get a tracking number.

We aim to dispatch your items by the end of the next working day, tracking numbers are sent via your email address you gave us at the time of the order (please double check your email is correct when ordering).

My order is saying “On Hold/Awaiting payment/Processing/Payment pending.

This normally means we are waiting for payment confirmation, either from the card company, Barclay’s Bank or third party transfer company, once the payment is confirmed by them we will change your order status to processing.
(if you have not received an email informing you that it’s now processing within 48 hours, please contact us to review the payment status; making sure you have checked your junk mail & spam folders first).
To avoid email issues we recommend registering an account at checkout to insure you can check the progress of your account online.
Also note if your order has been processing for longer than 5 days, please email us at

How do I contact you.

All our details are on the contact form please click here

Are your products safe/legal/fake.

Please note that all our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers with full legal accreditation and have been in the market for over 30 years.

All our products come with manufacturer addresses batch numbers barcodes expiry dates etc and are fully traceable via the information provided in or on the packaging, please also check the ampoules for a more precise verification.

What are the recommended dosage for the Vitamins.

Our sales staff are not qualified to give you this information. Dosage varies by individual and the reasons behind using our products. Therefore please consult you Doctor or healthcare professional before using our products.
Please also read our <research notes here>

Can I request a product that’s not listed on the website..

We welcome requests for products not listed on our website. Please email us with the details, and we’ll do our best to assist you; ideally if you can send a picture as this might help us little bit more please click here.

What currency do you use.

We can process most currency, please ensure you convert the correct amount if paying by bank transfer as shortfalls will cause a delay in processing your order.

Do you sell trade items and give discount on bulk orders.

Absolutely! Although you will find our products are low in price already, we are still able to discount on certain products or all products depending on quantity. Worldwide container shipping can be arranged.

Do you send post with a tracking number/registered etc.

All our post is sent using tracking/registered post, the tracking number is supplied once shipped (via the email address you provided at checkout), the tracking number is always applicable to you local postal service, although you can check via a global tracking service which may help with more detail on your post’s whereabouts (Thai Post Tracking would be a very good starting point… ).


The information provided in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to provide up-to-date and accurate information, we are not medical professionals. The information on dosage, product safety, and usage should not be considered as medical advice.

We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before using any products mentioned on our website. Consulting with a healthcare professional especially important if you have health concerns or conditions.

Our responses regarding shipping, payments, and other service-related queries are based on our current practices, which are subject to change. For the most recent updates and specific inquiries, please contact us directly.