100% Natural Thyroid S Support Supplement 100


Thyroid S Dietry Supplement 100% Natural Ingredients.

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100% Natural Product Thyroid s 100 tablets, 2025 Expire..

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Research: Thiamine and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis:

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Thyroid s 100 Support Supplement:

100% natural,
100 tablets,
60mg per tab,
Thyroid s contents in one tablet (60 mg thyroid extract): approximately 38 mg T4 and 9 mg T3.

Also see Thyroid hormones Wikpedia

The thyroid gland, or simply the thyroid, is an endocrine gland in the neck, consisting of two lobes connected by an isthmus. It is found at the front of the neck, below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid gland secretes three hormones, namely the two thyroid hormones (thyroxine/T4 and triiodothyronine/T3), and calcitonin. The thyroid hormones primarily influence the metabolic rate and protein synthesis, but they also have many other effects, including effects on development. Calcitonin plays a role in calcium homeostasis.

Hormonal output from the thyroid is regulated by thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) secreted from the anterior pituitary gland, which itself is regulated by thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) produced by the hypothalamus.

The thyroid may be affected by several diseases. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the gland produces excessive amounts of thyroid hormones, the most common cause being Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder. In contrast, hypothyroidism is a state of insufficient thyroid hormone production. Worldwide, the most common cause is iodine deficiency. Thyroid hormones are important for development, and hypothyroidism secondary to iodine deficiency remains the leading cause of preventable intellectual disability In iodine-sufficient regions, the most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, also an autoimmune disorder. In addition, the thyroid gland may also develop several types of nodules and thyroid cancer.

Delivery to US 10 to 30 days, Holiday/weekend periods differ,
NOT intended to be used as food additives, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals or other inappropriate applications unless otherwise directed.
NDT, Pure Grade, 1 grain, 100 tablets. For Research Use Only.

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