We are 2 people trying to make a living,
And yes times do get hard for all of us, we also started with nothing , just because we run a business doesn’t make us less human or anything different, we will push on through.. thick or thin giving our customers the best we can possibly do.

Getting knocked down (trying to knock us down) by the limited few who think they are above the rest and can manipulate others with their BS or fake persona,, shame on them.
God, Buddha, Allah, I hope for forgiveness!!


Thyroid S Ordered on back order at the start of pandemic, customer was informed of the delay and chose to wait. We supplied regular updates via Facebook. 100’s of customers waited patiently but unfortunately the odd few just couldn’t wait for something that was totally out of our control and very unexpected.

Customer review Trustpilot: CW
As with all our customers regardless of product, we supply a tracking number.
We also take a picture of the post after postage paid at the post office location to show the condition and weight of the item being posted.
Your post was sent on the 11th of September 2019 from Thailand due to the nature of the tablets you bought, and was delivered and signed by you on the 24th of September 2019 3 days after you review, meaning you left a bad review of our small business during transit/shipping of your post.
I have also searched for any email communication from you and found nothing.
All our deliveries specify 7 to 14 days approx depending on location/ holidays / nature of product/Pandemic etc.
You can view your screenshot of the royal mail tracking at

Trust Pilot customer saying Scam company and they have received their post.
Thyroid medication in 2020 from a particular company was extremely difficult to get hold of due to factory closure during the pandemic, international haulage was also limited around the world, over 150 customers knowingly purchased this product on back order and understood that there would be a very long wait and agreed to the terms and conditions relating to this particular product, apart from 2 customers which you currently see listed on Trust pilot, those who waited patiently have received the product they purchased, The above customer was asked if they wanted a full refund and refused saying they would wait, they were asked to supply bank details for us to refund and again refused. The last email received from them was to hurl threats.
We sent their post not because of the threats, but for his wife who he said was not well as a result of not having this Thy medication.

Above screenshots From: Macaulay

Attached pictures from customer

Above screenshots From: Macaulay

From: Macaulay
Sent: 25 September 2021 23:14
To: Sales Ampavit
Subject: Re: Your Ampavit order has now been shipped

Hi steve, i need this asap, they are not even with Royal mail..which company are you hoping they come on monday or i will have to reorder elsewhere 😔

Below replies to earlier emails:

the  25th was investigated prior to response:


I’m so sorry post is being a bit slower than normal, dreading Christmas. Tracking saying in transit so definitely on the way, just to note we have not lost post in nearly 3 years of trading. ^^^^(update maybe 3 post gone astray as of December 2021)

100 % on the way.

Kindest regards


From: Tilly Macaulay []
Sent: 24 September 2021 02:20
To: AmpaVit & B124U
Subject: Re: Your Ampavit order has now been shipped


Hi where is my parcel?please

Hi steve 3 weeks and still not received,  iv received 2 lots from other suppliers uk and france so im guessing yours are lost in transit🙃please refund! XOn Mon, 27 Sep 2021, 03:54 Sales Ampavit, <> wrote:


Royal mail say you collected your post from the office on the 29th of September and that you presented your ID to collect your post.
Obviously if this was not you, they will check CCTV for the date and report this to the police as a criminal offense.

Kind regards

From: Macaulay
Ok really, thanks im sorry is it these ? I couldnt see invoice so wasnt sure 😕

Screenshots customer sent are at the start of conversation 🙃