As the Brexit deadline gets closer, we are hearing scenarios of disruption to important medication entering the UK, and the possibility of disruption entering the EU from the UK; we will however endeavor to supply regardless of the outcome .

At the moment we are able to supply the entire EU directly from the UK without any issues with border customs although this may or may not change after Brexit.

We have got around these issues in the past posting only from Thailand.

EU countries border control can be a big problem, with opening parcels from Thailand and checking the contents. So we gave the customer an option to rename and label the purchased item to something else. A customer in Sweden asked for his to be renamed and the label changed to tropical fish food, and the packaging was left original, although we can also change this; needless to say he got his all important medication.

99.9% of our post gets delivered to the customer in some shape or form; the .1% is either the postal service, a customer postal address or me or my partner have made a mistake somewhere along the line, and saying that of course we will resend or refund the .1% if that should arise.

Any Ideas, suggestions or concerns please let me know.

Best Regards